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Maria is dance training began at the age of five in Russia, where she learned Ballet, Ballroom and Folk. From an early age she was performing in theatres, exhibitions and galas. By the age of 17, Maria had already started teaching dance. Over the years her career expanded to include international experience. Maria has taught in Russia, Europe and North America. She is a member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association and is currently teaching both American and International styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing.

In January 2004, Maria Lovan, with George Kastulin, became champion in the Southern Ontario Rising Star Championship and runner-up in the Southern Ontario Open Professional Championship.

In July 2004, Maria with her partner became a finalist in the Open Professional American Smooth Competition at Dance Sport Montreal.

Here is the list of her recent achievements:
  • Maria is a member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association
  • "The Falls Premier Ball" Rising Star Smooth Champion, 2004
  • "La classique de Quebec" Rising Star Finalist, 2004
  • "Dance Sport Montreal" Open Professional Smooth Finalist, 2004
  • "Maple Leaf Classic" Canadian Closed Professional Finalist, 2004
  • "The Falls Premier Ball" Professional Open Smooth Finalist, 2005
  • "Crystal Leaf" International Dance Sport American Runner-Up, 2005
  • "Maple Leaf Classic" Canadian Closed Professional Runner-Up, 2005
  • "The Falls Premier Ball" Professional Show Dance Finalist, 2006
  • "Dance Sport Montreal" Professional and Rising Star Champion, 2007

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    Maria Golovanevski has fulfilled her dream of becoming a national champion in American ballroom dancing.

    The North York resident and director of Shall We Dance Studio, along with partner Egor Belashov, were crowned the winners at the Canadian National American Ballroom Championships Nov. 9 in Toronto.
    "I was so excited," she said of the first-place finish. "We really, really worked hard. We put so much time and effort into getting really good. This is what I always wanted to be. I don't just dance for the title, but because this is my passion in life."
    Golovanevski began dancing at age five in Russia, focusing on ballet, ballroom and folk. By age 17, she became a dance teacher.

    A graduate of St. Petersburg State University with a masters degree in arts, Golovanevski furthered her teaching expertise in Russia, Europe and North America.
    After moving to Toronto, Golovanevski opened Shall We Dance Studio at Victoria Park and McNicoll avenues four years ago. Three years prior to opening her studio, she found herself entering competitions again at the suggestion of a teacher.
    Over the last seven years, Golovanevski has competed across Canada and the United States with two different partners in dance styles foxtrot, tango and Viennese waltz, and has competed in the Cleveland Dance Sport Challenge, New Jersey State Open Competition, Yankee Classic Championship, Golden Stage Challenge California and the San Diego Open Championship.

    "(Competing) is for the purpose of getting stronger," she said. "I train and I have my own studio. My partner is a teacher at my studio. The image we have created is a very sleek and elegant couple."

    Training has definitely paid off for Golovanevski, who was the Crystal Leaf International Dance Sport champion in 2008, the Dance Sport Montreal Professional American Ballroom champion in both 2008 and 2007, and the South Ontario Rising Star champion in 2004. Golovanevski is now focusing on promoting her styles of dance in Canada through her studio and watching her students compete.
    "In America, these styles are already developed," she said. "They need to be developed in Canada. I want to pass on my knowledge to my students and other dancers. It's a great thing if I can inspire people."

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